This enchanting nature walk was made in 2005 by
Karl Huber as a gift to his wife's garden. Karl used
a small backhoe to build a trail following the natural
formation of the rock. Unfortunately there was no
gravel on the mountain so Karl transported gravel
from the quarry with his backhoe up the mountain
and unloaded each bucketful by hand. This was
necessary for stability because the larger rocks had
to be placed first followed by the smaller. As he
was accomplishing this project he tried to do as
little environmental damage as possible. Such as
not blasting and leaving windfall and natural debris
on the forest floor in its natural state. The forest
that you will be strolling through is all second
growth for it was logged in the early 1900's and
flourishes with trees over 80+ years old. They
make way for the magnificent height of the rock
walls where you will find them covered with a
blanket of moss and cascading with ferns. In this
BC rainforest there is an abundance of native
plants. The forest floor is continually changing
from season to season and just walking through is
nourishment for the body and soul.
Circa 1961
Born in Austria in 1943, Karl
arrived in Canada in 1964. He
purchased this property in 1969
and built his first home for his wife
Darlene in 1973. Unfortunately
there were a series of floods
between 1975 - 1990 that made
them decide to move to higher
ground. In 1992 Karl took on the
huge task of hauling gravel for
three years for the new site on
which they built their second home.
During the five years from 1995 -
2000 that Karl custom built their
home, Darlene was lovingly
creating this paradise.
Karl and Darlene Huber standing beside their dump truck and loader
that they used to haul gravel from 1992 - 1995